13.-14.9. HELSINKI

Portfolio and opportunity management

Do you know where you should focus your resources for the best return? Do you want to know how to enable sales people to increase sales productivity without increasing resources by redirecting their efforts and activities?

The challenge for most sales people is to know where they should focus their resources for the best return. The Portfolio Management process will enable sales people to increase sales productivity without increasing resources by redirecting their efforts and activities.

Portfolio Management: Key Workshop Content

  • Segmenting the accounts to enable focus
  • Creating SMART objectives for the accounts that require focus right now
  • People mapping the growing accounts to identify gaps
  • Developing a contact strategy
  • Presenting the plans for critique by colleagues
  • Committing to actions to grow the selected accounts

Having selected the right accounts to work with will enable the sales people to drive out new sales opportunities. Now we just need to work out which ones should we work on and which ones should we discard!

The Opportunity Management process will help sales people objectively evaluate sales opportunities by using a robust process.

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